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Support group for men and women with homosexual inclinations, dedicated to attaining chastity, in accord with the magisterium's teaching on homosexuality.

The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage is a war novel by American author Stephen Crane (1871–1900). Taking place during the American Civil War , the

Last Ounce Of CourageLast Ounce Of Courage
Bob Revere (Marshall Teague), a small-town war hero, is heartbroken when his own son Tom loses his life defending America. Tom left behind a son of his own named Christian, and 14 years later, the young boy and his mother move back to the small town to be with their family for the holidays. Christian disconnects with his grandfather Bob, as they both are going through the pain of losing a dad and losing a son. When Christian is threatened with school suspension for bringing his bible to school, Bob notices that his country is headed in a dangerous direction and that freedom itself is on the line. Encouraged by his grandson Christian, who asks “what did his father die for?”, Bob finally takes a stand for his beliefs and finds himself jailed for putting up the town’s Christmas tree and refusing to take it down. In this beautiful story of love and forgiveness, they discover a way to unite and to make a difference in their community by claiming their freedom and standing up for their rights.

Courage Home Page
COURAGE TESTIMONIALS A collection of deeply inspiring testimonies from Courage members. Pulled together over an extended period of time, these stories are both riveting and inspiring, an uplifting testimony to the transforming power of faith in Jesus Christ and His Church.

selling-creativity-16july20125Selling creativity
from landorassociates, 7 months ago in Design
we need to do is to truly understand our audiences, empathize with them and their situation. We then need to have a few things at our disposal: • Appreciation for the power of story versus plain facts • Understanding of the confirmation bias • Courage versus daring • Awareness of the Asch Effect • Fortitude and determination Check out the deck from Mary’s Cannes presentation and read her article on a similar topic, “ Eight principles of creativity.”

Will Amnesty and Human Rights Watch have the courage to name Bradley Manning a political prisoner? Or do we need to wait 20 years?

Great Quotes about Courage and Bravery for KidsGreat Quotes about Courage and Bravery for Kids

Ferrandino: Murray's civil unions vote showed 'political courage'
KDVR.com – Denver News, Weather & Sports from FOX 31, on Fri, 01 Mar 2013 11:20:11 -0800
“She took a lot of political courage to do what she did tonight and I really applaud her and thank her for doing that.” Unlike last year's hearing, a lone yes vote from a GOP lawmaker wasn't decisive. Democrats, back in control of the House and its

Robbie Rogers and the courage to open up « Back Page Football
Robbie Rogers USA Something quite significant although not entirely unexpected happened in the football world recently, more noteworthy than Milan defeating Barcelona in their Champions League first leg or Swansea

“Courage”: a story wherein every one comes to the conclusion that the …
Ruth Ogden, published 1893, 112 pages


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